What’s next…

Yet another day passes. I think back to the words of my Mom two weeks after I had my appendix out. The words haunt me in some respects, remembering her ask, “What do you consider to be fun?”

I think for a while and I ponder and maybe even go so far as to pontificate, only to realize that I’m wasting time in my head. It’s about then that I walk out of the house with my bag in tow with my trusty MBP. I hop in the Maxima and just drive. Sometimes to the gym, sometimes to the office building complex that I no longer have an office in. Other times randomly driving around to see the neighborhoods that my Mom wanted to tour in search of a house.

Then there are times where I just hit the road and drive until I realize that I should probably turn around so that I don’t accidently drive to Florida or Ohio.

Why driving? Because it’s a basic task that my mind can run without too much intervention and likewise, allows my mind to process more of the subconscious.

So then I come back to reality and wonder about the fun things of life. I’m still working those out I guess. Not to say that I don’t know what fun is, but it’s definitely intertwined with a lit of other feelings right now that are repressing it. So next time you’re wondering where I am, probably on the road, but why not find out, give me a call and let’s go chat about life.


The Office Wedding – Forever

If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check out the Office wedding, part of Season 6, titled Niagara – where Jim and Pam get married. Great place to check it out is over on Fancast.

To me the best part of the episode was with this song…

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