Coming back into focus…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and there’s been a lot of things that keep going through my head. Â I wake up every morning and wonder to myself if things have changed, if perhaps it was all a dream, only to realize that no, it’s reality and that my feet are cold and that I should get out of bed (even though my feet are cold). Â I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to keep myself pressing forward, reluctant to let myself fall into a chasm, whether through forcing myself to work out and let my mind process things or through the conversations and fellowship of hanging out with my brother and his family or with my newly adopted SharePoint family (you all know who you are that I’m talking about). Â In all of this, I remember one thing in that while things may seem grim, I continue to see the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ and continue to press forward.


Last week, I watched one of my favorite movies and one of the lines struck me when I was listening to it. The movie was Hitch which some of you may know as the Will Smith holiday film about love, relationships and integrity. Well, there was one line in particular that really got me.  Hitch’s main client states, “Maybe if my heart stopped beating it wouldn’t hurt so much,” after he ends up thinking that he’ll never see the woman of his dreams again.  I feel the same way at times, but then I realize that if I let my heart stop and I stop feeling the pain and stop living, then I’ve lost.  Without that pain and edge to life, there wouldn’t be a reality and you’d have to ask yourself, what is life to you?  To me it is full of colour and texture, not blandness and darkness.

With all that has happened this year I remind myself that I must continue to step forward on a daily basis, keeping my chin up and eyes pushing forward – it’s what Mom would have wanted right?

As time continues to heal, I thought this picture in particular may remind someone of the hope and love we have in the Lord. Â Slowly but surely the life and warmth of life returns.