Three Lessons

At the Memorial Service for my Mom last November, my brother had three things to share that Mom had taught him.  I would say that Mom definitely emphasized those three things to me as well, but that she also went on to emphasize three other things that I should seek out and try to work on.

1 – Finish Well in all things… whether it be a project, or job, or a tasking, finishing well to ensure that there was no question of whether or not I had really had my heart in it and honored the request of what was being asked of me.

2 – Kill them with kindness… It may sound odd, but for those instances where I would disagree with my brother, or with a friend, or just didn’t understand where someone was coming from with their viewpoint, rather than continuing to stir things up through an argument – kill them with kindness.  It’s amazing what you can do to make amends when you’re dealing with someone and rather than being critical or spiteful, just loving them unconditionally, they start to wonder if everything is okay in the way that you’re treating them, and they typically will become more open minded.

3 – Trust in Him… through the good, the bad, the ugly, the scary, the frightening, the joyous, the amazing.  Trust in Him.  Pretty simple, but yet so often we put our trust in ourselves, and we become controlling and want to control how things come out.  We see things from our vantage point and not in the perspective of God, and we don’t understand and we get frustrated.  Simply trust in Him, and He’ll present the understanding, He’ll present the course of action to follow.

So these three simple life lessons, hard to chew on at times, but Mom seemed pretty adamant about them.  Hopefully I can continue to grow in these three life lessons, though they be hard to swallow at times.


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