Something to hold onto…

The night of my parent’s car accident last October, I was out to dinner with a few friends in Herndon when my Mom called. It was sometime around 7:45 PM or so and they had just passed Petersburg, VA, a far ways from their destination stop for the evening, Greenville, SC. I didn’t hear or see my phone ringing as I had turned it to quiet and flipped it on it’s “stomach” so that I couldn’t see the face plate to keep from distracting me from the present company.

During that time at dinner, Mom had called and left a voice message. It was like most of Mom’s calls, one where she expressed her love, told me something random about what she was doing, and then re-expressed her love for me.

While I realize it’s a private message, it;s also the only thing that I have left with my Mother’s voice that hits me with such impact. I thought I’d share it with you all as well.

So I have this voice message to hold onto, a memory that I will cherish always.

Last Voice Message from Mom


5 thoughts on “Something to hold onto…

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Just to hear her voice… I really miss her. Thanks for giving me this special treat today. I didn’t get to hear my Dad’s voice for the last three years of his life… so when I watch old videos before he got sick and I can hear his voice? It’s the most special thing in the world. You and your mom were lucky to have each other.

  2. Wow…I was just thinking about her last night at rehearsal. Thanks for sharing this. It’s amazing how you can just miss the sound of someone’s voice. And you are right, she always had something encouraging to say and never complained about anything! There are definitely lessons to be learned there.

    Thanks, Dan!

  3. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your mom with us, Dan. It was so warming to hear her voice again. You made your mom very happy. Hold that in your heart, sweetie. I love you too.

  4. How precious to hear dear Carolyn’s sweet voice once again! God gave you great blessing in giving you such a mom. I loved her and miss her.

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