Shure e2c headphones no more :(

I knew that it was a matter of time before my head phones finally broke, but after two and a half years of heavy usage my Shure e2c head phones have developed a tear in the right headset wire.  It’s not shorting out, but I guess I’d prefer not to take my chances since the wire is exposed 😦

So what does this mean? 

Option A:  I suppose I could get them repaired right?  Well, upon checking out Shure’s support policy because they’re greater than two years old, it’s $49 to get them repaired.  For that cost, if I can find them on the market or on eBay, I would pay about $55, so it would basically be the same as buying a new pair.  Oh and by the way, the e2c, they’re no longer being manufactured so it’s off to eBay to find them.

Option B:  Go ahead and get my Christmas / Birthday gift that I’m giving myself a little early and order a pair of the SE530s off of eBay.  Granted, you might call them a little overkill, but being an audiophile, I like my music to be pristine.

Option C:  Give my iPod Touch to a friend of mine and no longer use headphones for when I’m listening to music.

What to do…

Now Playing: Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown – Meant To Live


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