Shure SE530s Have Arrived

So last week my e2c’s essentially became unsafe for use with the wiring coming out of one of the sides. So I decided to take the plunge and give myself a little pick me up with everything going on and bought a pair of new SE530s from a seller on eBay located up in NYC.
They were brand new, unopened, perfect condition and sound incredible. Not to belittle my e2cs, but these are seriously phenomenal and I’m not quite certain that I could go back unless forced to.
It’s quite nice to listen to the Moses Hogan Chorale and hear the basses rumbling in their solo section as well as the sopranos adding the icing on top of the melody. While I may not be an audiophile, music is in my soul and it resonates with these buds.


Shure e2c headphones no more :(

I knew that it was a matter of time before my head phones finally broke, but after two and a half years of heavy usage my Shure e2c head phones have developed a tear in the right headset wire.  It’s not shorting out, but I guess I’d prefer not to take my chances since the wire is exposed 😦

So what does this mean? 

Option A:  I suppose I could get them repaired right?  Well, upon checking out Shure’s support policy because they’re greater than two years old, it’s $49 to get them repaired.  For that cost, if I can find them on the market or on eBay, I would pay about $55, so it would basically be the same as buying a new pair.  Oh and by the way, the e2c, they’re no longer being manufactured so it’s off to eBay to find them.

Option B:  Go ahead and get my Christmas / Birthday gift that I’m giving myself a little early and order a pair of the SE530s off of eBay.  Granted, you might call them a little overkill, but being an audiophile, I like my music to be pristine.

Option C:  Give my iPod Touch to a friend of mine and no longer use headphones for when I’m listening to music.

What to do…

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