For Mom…

One of mom’s most dear friends wrote a Eulogy in honor of mom and I thought that I might post it in her honor.

Finale – My Eulogy

As I lay down to rest my body and my soul
Consider this – that all has never been better,
My heart soars to places unseen.
My eyes see the face of my Lord and my Savior,
My hands work at heavenly deeds.
My feet walk on streets of precious gold.

From earth’s perspective so much to leave behind,
My beautiful children and dedicated husband.
And caring friends and family.
Although there are no tears in heaven
My mind cannot conceive nor my heart understand
Not missing my dear ones except to consider
That being in the presence of God changes everything.

Few people can consider a life like mine
So full of blessing and opportunity
Each gray hair earned specially.
Loving and being loved yet more.
Serving and being served yet more.
Teaching and being taught yet more.
Writing and reading what other have written.
So thankful, so undeserved, so blessed.

The calendar progresses at the same speed for us all
One day at a time, living one life at a time.
My hope is that my ears will hear my Savior say
“Well done.” That will be enough to guide me gleefully
From here into eternity where I shall wait to
Be reunited with those I love.

Of all life’s titles, I hope I will still be called “Mom”.
I will listen and wait ever so patiently to hear it spoken once again.

C. LeedsÂ


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