The Words of Mom… Let us hold them tight

My cousin, Anna, and sister-in-law, Heather, have been attending to tidying up my parents house this weekend and in doing so came across a few things of note. One of which was a prayer that had me quite choked up. My grandmother (mom’s mom) had bypass heart surgery at the age of 80 (I think?) last year. My mom tends to write her thoughts out so as to be able to meditate upon them. She wrote out a prayer for her own mother that was pretty touching that I think is pretty applicable that we pray for her as well. The reference to Pegs is to her sister.

From July 6, 2007

O Lord, surely I am standing on holy ground as I write to you about Mama. Your will be done of course but definitely I’m not ready to let go … so I ask you to incline your ear and consider helping her heart continue beating, you know it so well as you knit her together in her mother’s womb. Please warm her body to the perfect temperature Lord and allow her lungs to do what they need to do – O Lord, protect her from infection. Lord let the meds be just right for the pain, hold her body in your hands Lord, gently and lovingly just as she would hold us ….
Thank you Lord that you are there with her. Thank you for holding her, thank you for loving her and understanding her … for being her all in and all and her perfect husband. Lord, even as Mama is resting in your arms, hold my Pegs too. Give her rest tonight. Refresh her naturally. Refresh her Lord … thanks. You are high exalted and worthy of praise dear Lord. There is none like you for you are the one true God. Lord I pray Mama understands that. If not, let her understand that now.


One thought on “The Words of Mom… Let us hold them tight

  1. Dan,
    I am so sorry for all of this. It must be reassuring during this time knowing that your mother is so committed to the Lord, though. She will be missed so much, but I know she lives on in your heart and all those she’s touched during her time on Earth. Please know that I am thinking of you and sending my love and prayers.
    Kristin Lester (Beuerle)

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