Watch and Wait

First of all I want to thank each and everyone of you for your well wishes and prayers for our family. I’m sorry that I am not able to respond to each of your individual e-mails, twitters, facebook comments, phone calls or text messages at the present time. I’m reading them and doing my best to respond, each one has been a lift me up to myself and family here with us in Spartanburg, SC.

We’ve been showered with messages and are constantly reassuring one another with your thoughts, hugs, prayers and everything to the rest of the family.

Mom’s injuries at the present time are as follows:

– Fractured skull on the right side
– Subarachnoid hemorrhage
– Right rib fracture with punctured lung
– Open fracture on her right wrist
– The right side of her pelvis also has a fracture
– Compression fracture on her lumbar vertebra
– Hematoma (large bruise) on her right eye

The first two on the list are what is of most concern right now. Brain injuries are tricky things, the first 24-72 hours are the most vital. For now we are in a watch and wait mode.

We remain vigilant, hoping and praying for the best, relying on the Lord, knowing that it’s His will, and not our own that will be done.

We’ve been able to go in and spend time with mom. Although she cannot talk, or open her eyes, she is able to move her right leg, in addition to her right arm when we talked to her. We’re not quite certain as to if this is an automatic reflex as a result of the head trauma, but we’re choosing to think that this is her only way to let us know that we hear her. Her pulse seems to kick up when ever we’re talking to her which I can only say brings tears to her sons eyes knowing she hears us.

We’ll be updating everyone through various means of text messages, e-mails, twitters and blog postings as we learn more.

As always we continue to covet your prayers for our family, and for the amazing doctors and nursing staff at the hospital here in Spartanburg SC.


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