Life in Fast Forward…

So I realize that the last time that I took a moment to update the world with my life events was back on 30 July. Nevertheless, not too much has happened… I’ve remained gainfully employed working diligently to continue to better my approach to methodically engineering information management systems implementation.

After spending a few days at the beach just prior to Labor Day I decided I would spend a few days at the hospital, having my appendix out (no this was not what I would consider outpatient surgery or something that I wanted – it’s amazing how much pain such a small organ can create). What a wonderful way to end a vacation…

And now, though nearly a month has passed I’m starting to get my life back in order, getting back on the treadmill of life and pounding away, getting things done. Now if only I could start weight lifting once again… <sigh>

So to anyone curious, yes, I’m alive, still recovering slowly (slower than I would like) from surgery and pressing ahead, working diligently. Hopefully things will begin to calm down somewhere around 15 October and I’ll be able to share more of what’s going on in my world as well as to share thoughts on some of the cooler technology that I’ve recently come across in readings.