MacBook Pro – Update

Alright, so I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and basically what it comes down to is that there are many unfinished threads in my life right now and until I can reasonably say that I’ve completed those threads, I’m holding off on procuring the MBP.

From a financial standpoint, I’ve got the money to invest in the MBP, but from a usability standpoint I already what meets my functional requirements (wow, I’ve been a consultant for too long).

Nevertheless, current threads that I’m working to accomplish:

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator 2003 – One more exam, 70-291, studying for it this weekend
  • Finishing Analysis of Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week
  • Reading Andrew Connell’s Web Content Management Book
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 2003 – three exams past the MCSA
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional 2008 Enterprise Administrator (equivalent of MCSE 2003) – three exams past the MCSE

Somewhat aggressive plans prior to MBP, sure, but I see this as a time of financial responsibility.  Who knows, maybe I’ll crack next week and go over to Tyson’s Corner and pick one up O:-)

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3 thoughts on “MacBook Pro – Update

  1. So what you are saying is that you are gonna wait for the next version to come out first before committing entirely to a purchase ;)?

  2. Well, I mean, maybe… 🙂

    I know that they’re doing a revision sometime in the next couple of months and sure, I could buy one and then sell it on CL, but I mean I’ve got a laptop right now (Dell Latitude D820) that works fine, but it’s not a Mac. I am looking to get rid of an old Dell Dimension 8400 desktop that’s sitting under my desk and has a fan that sounds like a jet engine.

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