Netgear Router Dies…

Over the past few days my Netgear WNR854T Gigabit Wireless N routing device decided to kick the bucket.  It was two years old and had been in use for the past six months with fluctuating success.  Last night it stopped showing up in available wireless devices.  This evening when I checked on it and reset it, all that was lit was a single green light stating that it was powered, nothing else.

After several attempts at resetting the device it would seem that it is officially dead.  As it was two years old, it is not under any warranty with Netgear.  As we mourn the loss of this device, the question arises as to what to replace it with?

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8 thoughts on “Netgear Router Dies…

  1. Will this latest “tragedy” help with your rationalization for getting a Mac by any chance? Because if it will, I question whether the pour routing device really died on it’s own of natural causes or if something more sinister was afoot. Gasp! Where is Sherlock when you need him ;)?

  2. I too am wondering if there something a foot… as for the router, yeah, it was the secondary router in the house… it was a novelty item, really.

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