MacBook Pro or no…

So I’ve been contemplating buying a MacBook Pro for a while now.  And yes, I realize that there will be a hardware refresh sometime in the next six to eight months… though I also realize that in the past whenever Apple has done a hardware refresh that there are typically some small problems (warping of cases, etc.) during said releases which means that the current MacBook Pro which is nimble and quick is at the height of its refinement.

What to do… Thoughts? Recommendations?  I know, go read a forum and make my own decision, but those are coming from folks that I don’t know 🙂

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5 thoughts on “MacBook Pro or no…

  1. You know you want to buy it and if you are asking our opinion I’m pretty sure you’ve already done all the research so it is just down to the matter of the cost and justifying the purchase. I say as long as it won’t put you into a large amount of debt and that it is a need and not just a want – go for it!

  2. They’re perfect machines. Working on one now, and I don’t regret the purchase for a minute (even though still paying interest). Unsure when they’re going to be releasing the quad-core laptops, but for now, this thing flies, and works like a champ. Hard to see it going out of style any time soon, but you should see a price drop before the hardware refresh. Try if the Apple Store won’t give you a discount.

    By the way – this blog came up in a Google “Social Network” search, which I thought was pretty cool. You were the fourth hit on “web 2.0” which I attempted on an “I feel lucky” to see what craziness was out there. Happily, your entry came up to break up the buzzwords hehe.

  3. Wow… why on earth would it bring up such an OLD post? Sorry to have “revived” this one from the dead. MacBook Pros were quite a bit different back then. 😛

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