Implementing the Four Hour Work Week – Chapter 1’s Thoughts

So on a whim, I took the advice of my brother and picked up a copy of the The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris from and listened to it over the holidays while at the gym, listening to each chapter once (or twice sometimes if I inadvertantly set it to repeat the track) and decided that I wanted to get a little more out of it, so I ordered a copy off of and thought, "let’s start putting this into action" or at least start letting it affect the way that I work and the way that I live.

The first chapter, definitely an interesting read, though nothing really lept out at me, springing off the page and making me go, "Whoa, how true it is."

It did catch my eye however when Ferris was discussing the difference between the Defferers (D) and the New Rich (NR), specifically on page 23 where he states the following:

D:  To have freedom from doing that which you dislike.
NR:  To have freedom from doing that which you dislike, but also the freedom and resolve to pursue your dreams without reverting to work for work’s sake.

This hits me squarely in the chest, primarily the "working for work’s sake."  Stop and think for a minute, and I’m not saying that you should cut corners and leave your jobs or do anything drastic that could get you fired, but what is your passion?  What is it that drives you?  What motivates you to work hard?  For me, I would definitely say that I work to the best of my ability to support others to make better decisions.

Though I cannot say that I am a member of the NR yet, I do seek (and dream) to get to that way of life here soon.  I want to be able to have 90% of my time working from my home office or St. Louis Bread Company or local coffee shop whereever I’m off adventurering rather than in the corporate workplace, constantly being pulled aside to assist with tasks that don’t provide benefit to me.

So what’s that mean?  Right now as I continue to parse through these interesting notes, it’s time to replace assumptions of life – people seem to say things to scare us off from adventuring, time to break down those relics and illusions.


One thought on “Implementing the Four Hour Work Week – Chapter 1’s Thoughts

  1. Hey UVAGeek,

    Keep up the posts on the Ferris book. I’ve scanned most of it about 6 months ago, and I’m interested in what you think. I didn’t look into nearly as deep as you did, but I’m always trying to learn. Keep up the good writing,


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