Happy Friday


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So the Northern Virginia area has been dealing with “interesting” weather in that we ended up with some blistering cold temps this week and are looking forward to mild days in the 50’s and 60’s this coming week. Nonetheless, it snowed on Wednesday, Dec 5 and ended up causing havoc on the roadways (not that they were treacherous but more along the lines that commuters decided that 5 mph was the speed they wanted to drive). By Dec 7 when this photo was taken, there was still snow on the parking garage parallel to the office building in which I have an office. Quite cute to see someone’s idea of a message to the rest of the folks on the north side of the building.


Panera Packet Size Limitation?

Has anyone had issues where you’re attempting to upload files through an HTTP interface web method of sorts while at Panera bread and hit a package limit of 500 kilobytes? Just curious as I’m attempting to upload a few pictures to Flickr.com through their web site and hitting a size limit – pretty sure it’s not Panera.

I’m curious if there’s a size limit which Panera has their wireless routers set to limit the size of files that are able to be transferred via HTTP based web methods. Anyone else run across this?