Google Increases gMail storage limit…

So the first thing that I think of when reading through the Google Operating System last night and came across this article regarding the storage capacity of gMail and how it’s going to go to Hotmail’s limit of 5 GB and add 1 GB on top of it.  Google eloquently termed this "Infinity + 1" back in the day.  I like to think of it more along the "These go to 11" terminology.  So they link back to the official gmail blog article regarding the increase in storage.  Holy moly!  Overnight I went from about 2.9 GB to 3.3 GB – wow.  And what’s better, my Google Apps e-mail account now has a whopping 25 GB of e-mail storage :)  This made me smile though:


and chuckle a little bit thinking to myself, "Dang, that’s sweet."

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – The Best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer – C’est la Vie


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