Blue Sun…

So if you took high school chemistry at some point in your high school education (I can’t pull myself to say career because high school isn’t a career, you don’t have a salary… you can’t get fired… there 401k plans…) you probably remember playing with the bunsen burner and lighting yourself on fire.  Okay, so maybe you didn’t light yourself on fire like I did (just singed the hair on my fingers) but you probably did learn about blue flames.

So what does that have to do with this post?  Absolutely nothing.

Found a pretty cool article about how on days when there’s a lot of dirt and dust in the atmosphere over in Egypt the shifting of the color of the horizon turns to blue causing the color of Sol to change into a bright blue flame, similar to that of the bunsen burner.

Check it out… I’m thinking I might just go out there for kicks to see it in person.


Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny – Beyond The Missouri Sky – Our Spanish Love Song


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