Glimpse of Heaven

A few minutes ago I was outside getting my overnight bag out of my car, and I had a glimpse of heaven that reminds me just how much I miss Charlottesville and the surrounding area.

My first year, I went out with my roommate Mike and a few friends of ours Sarah and Katherine to the Lawn and laid down in the middle of the Lawn and just looked to the sky. The way that the Pavilion lights were, it was just enough light that we were presented with a beautiful night sky, looking up at the Milky Way. I was in love with the Grounds of the University at that point.

Over the years as a student at the University, I sought out those places that gave beautiful views of the cosmos. You might think that I was an astronomy student as an undergrad, but rather a physics geek that just sought out the creations of God that are amazing and in most sense unexplainable.

So a few minutes ago, as I gaze up to the sky, I felt as though I had zoomed backward in life 10 years, seeing the amazing sky, almost wanting to lay down in the drive way and look up and adore the Lord’s creation.

Nickelback – All the Right Reasons – Next Contestant


One thought on “Glimpse of Heaven

  1. the sky is even better at 5:30am…sadly i only enjoy it for a few seconds on clear mornings because if i’m up that early, i’d best get to the gym!

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