Google Increases gMail storage limit…

So the first thing that I think of when reading through the Google Operating System last night and came across this article regarding the storage capacity of gMail and how it’s going to go to Hotmail’s limit of 5 GB and add 1 GB on top of it.  Google eloquently termed this "Infinity + 1" back in the day.  I like to think of it more along the "These go to 11" terminology.  So they link back to the official gmail blog article regarding the increase in storage.  Holy moly!  Overnight I went from about 2.9 GB to 3.3 GB – wow.  And what’s better, my Google Apps e-mail account now has a whopping 25 GB of e-mail storage :)  This made me smile though:


and chuckle a little bit thinking to myself, "Dang, that’s sweet."

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – The Best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer – C’est la Vie


Blue Sun…

So if you took high school chemistry at some point in your high school education (I can’t pull myself to say career because high school isn’t a career, you don’t have a salary… you can’t get fired… there 401k plans…) you probably remember playing with the bunsen burner and lighting yourself on fire.  Okay, so maybe you didn’t light yourself on fire like I did (just singed the hair on my fingers) but you probably did learn about blue flames.

So what does that have to do with this post?  Absolutely nothing.

Found a pretty cool article about how on days when there’s a lot of dirt and dust in the atmosphere over in Egypt the shifting of the color of the horizon turns to blue causing the color of Sol to change into a bright blue flame, similar to that of the bunsen burner.

Check it out… I’m thinking I might just go out there for kicks to see it in person.


Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny – Beyond The Missouri Sky – Our Spanish Love Song

Glimpse of Heaven

A few minutes ago I was outside getting my overnight bag out of my car, and I had a glimpse of heaven that reminds me just how much I miss Charlottesville and the surrounding area.

My first year, I went out with my roommate Mike and a few friends of ours Sarah and Katherine to the Lawn and laid down in the middle of the Lawn and just looked to the sky. The way that the Pavilion lights were, it was just enough light that we were presented with a beautiful night sky, looking up at the Milky Way. I was in love with the Grounds of the University at that point.

Over the years as a student at the University, I sought out those places that gave beautiful views of the cosmos. You might think that I was an astronomy student as an undergrad, but rather a physics geek that just sought out the creations of God that are amazing and in most sense unexplainable.

So a few minutes ago, as I gaze up to the sky, I felt as though I had zoomed backward in life 10 years, seeing the amazing sky, almost wanting to lay down in the drive way and look up and adore the Lord’s creation.

Nickelback – All the Right Reasons – Next Contestant

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 – The (in)Complete Reference

I love it when I order books off of before books go to press, building a library and wealth of information and knowledge to slurp up into my mind.  Primarily I like the ordering before the book goes to press part, primarily because it means that I’m going to get something that I’m not quite certain of its contents before I actually get it.

So I received "The Complete Reference – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007" by David Sterling yesterday.  Looks like a decent resource, similar to the majority of other SharePoint 2007 books released recently, however there’s just one catch it’s not "complete".  There are several topics that there’s nothing there on.  I suppose these are the topics that I’ll continue to write about in my own book 🙂

By no means am I stating that the book is a sham, it’s actually quite good and having known David, it definitely reads like he’s writing it; additionally he really does bring together quite a bit of information that you’d have to search around for hours (maybe days) over on Microsoft’s TechNet site before you’d ever find it, especially since he’s bringing the information all together into one spot.  I can only hope that my first book is somewhere close to that.

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