Time to Live

After several months of self-introspection I think it’s time to step out on a limb and live a little.  So starting on September 3, you’re going to probably notice a different Geek in this world.  One where he’s willing to risk things, and live out life the way it was meant to be lived.

Stay tuned for the life of the Geek, hearing his stories of accomplishment and failure, his heart gripping tales that will warm your hear and bring a tear to your cheek, his concert recaps, his adventures around the world and of course what would there be without some review of beers of the world 🙂

It’s time this world got a taste of the Geek, and this Geek a taste of the world.  It’s time to be unbound.  No more living without risk or living in fear,  it’s time to live.


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