Google Pack 4 Released

 So there’s much buzz around the Internet community with Google‘s recent release of Google Pack 4 hailing Google for packaging StarOffice 8 as a part of the Google Pack.  I think it’s pretty clever that they’ve worked out a deal with Sun Microsystems to be able to add this as a part of the pack considering that really it’s only available free to faculty, researchers and students (or at least that’s the rumor…).  Some of the buzz on this was whether or not StarOffice would be as snappy as Microsoft Office is considering that it takes a minute or two to kick up on our friendly Ubuntu distribution.

I of course take the counter vantage point that is stepping back and looking at GP as a whole.  Why can’t I download it if I’m a Windows XP x64 user?

googlepackIt would seem quite reasonable to me to be able to pull down and use a copy since I’m sure that Google Engineers use the x64 edition of Windows XP since it’s a little more solid (so it shares the same kernel as Windows Server 2003, is that what’s confusing you Google Pack?).

So what’s that mean for me, downloading individual components if I can and running them.  Guess I’ll have to come back some other time and hope to be able to get a copy of the Google Photos Screensaver.

As a caveat, yes, I’m using the 32-bit edition of the web browser and it still doesn’t see me as Windows XP 32-bit edition.


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