One Life to Live Revisited

So back on June 20th I penned an article titled, “One Life to Live,” which was just a reflection on life and trials and tribulations that I’d been wading through.

For the past few months, I’ve been working out pretty hard core (up til this past Tuesday) and have made significant leaps in my personal health which has been great – good for me, good for my life, good for my confidence, good for my nephews to have an uncle that can throw them around more easily… I mean uhhhh 🙂

As I mentioned, the future isn’t yet written, and I’ve had time to reflect on several things from friendships, to relationships, to debating whether or not to cross the line, as well as whether or not to go independent at work or join a few friends for a startup.  I’m still wondering where that aspect of my life and career is heading.

What’s the core update in my life?

Right now it’s more just realizing that there are several things I’d like to do, but fear is holding me back.

Where’s the fear stem from? 

Control… I like to be in control – whether it be driving, developing or dancing, I like to be the one that’s running the show, not the placing my trust in someone else’s hands, trusting my heart with someone else – call it self preservation if you will, but it’s the way I work unfortunately (though by the flip side it’s kept me out of a lot of trouble too).  Even core beliefs are sometimes a challenge, trusting that God is in control and that He has plans for my life that are greater than I can esteem to understand – I like my plans because I made them and therefore they’re impeccable right (okay, so maybe not).

So what are my goals for the next few weeks?

Get my health in order – I’ve got a doctor’s appointment on Monday that should hopefully get me in the right direction.

Get my priorities in order – some of it is work related, getting things organized so that stress doesn’t creep up in my life and hit me over the head.

Get my friendships in order – yeah, there are several of you that I haven’t reached out to in a while and I apologize.  Having left and gone to Illinois for six months didn’t help much last year and I fear that if I go back that I’ll have a clean slate when I return next year.

Figure out whether or not the risk is worth taking the plunge.  Yeah, that’s kind of cryptic.  I’ll leave it that way.

Quote of the Day:
I haven’t spoken to my mother-in-law for eighteen months?I don’t like to interrupt her.
–Ken Dodd


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