Oh the choices for a bag…

Realizing that the subject really isn’t all that descriptive, let me see if I can help to explain what I’m thinking. 🙂

Sooner or later I’m going to be moving to somewhere in the greater Herndon / Reston area to be closer to work and closer to my brother and his family.  Nothing against the Alexandria area, I just don’t fit in – plus it puts me closer by about twenty to thirty minutes to one of my favorite places in the state of Virginia – UVA.

So if I’m moving somewhere, that means that I need furniture, and while my sister-in-law has graciously offered me some of their furniture as they “upgrade” their quarters and what not, I’m thinking that rather than investing a huge amount of money that I’m going to procure a few bean bag chairs.playersac-naked

Bean bag chairs you ask?  Yes.  Bean bag chairs my friends.  There’s nothing quite like having a comfy sack that you can drop yourself into and relax and kick back.  Yeah, I know, not the most conventional of seating arrangements, but since when have I ever been mister conventional?

So now I have the question of do I go with the LoveSac or do I go with the Corda-Roy.  The LoveSac uses durafoam, where as the Corda-Roy (at least to my menial research) leverages your friendly bean like the originals from the days of bead blinds and orange counter tops.  I’m leaning toward a few LoveSac Players – and yes, I realize just how terrible that sounds thanks.  I’m thinking that the Big One is just too big for me for right now.  Granted, I do have to say that the Corda-Roy sacks are pretty snazzy too in that they’re convertible into beds.  How cool is that?

So thoughts oh wise weblog-sphere…


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