Pushing The Envelope…

Well, I must say that I had quite an interesting day here in Northern Virginia. I went into the office to attend a training class – somewhat interesting, had a few good laughs with a colleague after work and then decided that I would head down to the gym to get in a work out before coming back and writing a document.

Perhaps not the best of ideas for a day where I hadn’t exactly stuck to my regular diet, introducing some carbohydrates into it that weren’t expected, not drinking as much water as perhaps I should be when there’s a heat advisory in affect and being under stress due to some deliverables at work.

So after doing 24 reps on bench at 220 pounds, 24 reps on the Hammer Strength isolated row machine at 250 pounds, 24 reps on the pec fly machine at 220 pounds and about 18 reps on the reverse pec fly at 180 pounds, my body decided to say, “You need to stop.” As a side note, while I was loading the bench press (Hammer Strength machine) up I sliced part of my left index finger. I applied a little pressure, but it continued to bleed for a little while, not really closing, just bleeding a little bit. I stood up and walked around and felt my heart racing. I’m used to feeling an elevated pulse around say, 150-160 beats per minute, but this was wicked fast (notice the use of the word wicked). I figured that maybe I was just overheating and walked around for about five minutes before saying, “Hmmm, somethings not right.”

I went to the front desk and politely and calmly stated, “Hi, my pulse is racing, it has been for a few minutes now. Not quite sure what’s going on, would you mind calling 911. I’m not in any pain, nor am I light headed.” So the manager Margaret, placed the phone call and one of the trainers, Devin, walked with me over to the couch to sit down and “rest”. He handed me a towel and I started wiping my arms off and I just tried to relax. My heart was still racing, but I looked down at my hand which was shaking (I think this was just stress and panic) and I wrapped the towel around my left index finger and applied pressure. All of a sudden my heart rate started to slow down.

It was interesting in that the biggest thing that the Gold’s folks were concerned about was whether or not I was in pain, or light headed or anything. I just said, “No, just my pulse is racing, otherwise I feel fine.” So the EMTs from Fairfax County showed up and came in and we talked and they checked my vitals and they basically said that it was the heat, dehydration and stress that most likely caused the panic attack. I think that it was definitely a combination of that as well as my finger needing some pressure applied.

Nonetheless, way too much excitement for the day, time to head home and relax.


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