Make a run for it!

 So I’ve been working some long hours this week that have been mildly amusing at times.  I found this image and I felt like I was trying to find this little key, but he’d made a run for it… (haha, no escape…)  I’ll refer to this as a verbal pun.


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Google Pack 4 Released

 So there’s much buzz around the Internet community with Google‘s recent release of Google Pack 4 hailing Google for packaging StarOffice 8 as a part of the Google Pack.  I think it’s pretty clever that they’ve worked out a deal with Sun Microsystems to be able to add this as a part of the pack considering that really it’s only available free to faculty, researchers and students (or at least that’s the rumor…).  Some of the buzz on this was whether or not StarOffice would be as snappy as Microsoft Office is considering that it takes a minute or two to kick up on our friendly Ubuntu distribution.

I of course take the counter vantage point that is stepping back and looking at GP as a whole.  Why can’t I download it if I’m a Windows XP x64 user?

googlepackIt would seem quite reasonable to me to be able to pull down and use a copy since I’m sure that Google Engineers use the x64 edition of Windows XP since it’s a little more solid (so it shares the same kernel as Windows Server 2003, is that what’s confusing you Google Pack?).

So what’s that mean for me, downloading individual components if I can and running them.  Guess I’ll have to come back some other time and hope to be able to get a copy of the Google Photos Screensaver.

As a caveat, yes, I’m using the 32-bit edition of the web browser and it still doesn’t see me as Windows XP 32-bit edition.

Live SkyDrive, GSpace, or S3 from Amazon?

So recently I’ve come to find that I need a single point for files to work on, not necessarily collaborate on, but at least have a single point that I can dump data out to and feel confident that I’ll be able to access it from where ever I am.

SharePoint Services
Right off the bat of course I think to myself, I can just setup my Dell Dimension 8300 at home to act as a document library leveraging Windows SharePoint Services version 3.0 on top of a Windows Server 2003 platform.  Nice option, but the only problem is that occasionally my roommates inadvertently down our network.  Now that’s not to say that a third party service provider might not have the same problem, but more than likely they’re co-located and have their operation together with 24×7 support of some sort (someone carries a pager at least eh?)

Live SkyDrive
Microsoft Live SkyDrive is currently in beta and supports up to 500 MB.  Looks to have some decent integration with MSIE 7.0 (sorry, I don’t have any machines still running 6.0).  It seems to be pretty snappy and have the Web 2.0 kind of feel to it as you’re able to get a little bit of asynchronous action going on here and there.  Not quite sure what the pricing scheme is going to be, but I think that there are some blogs out there that have mentioned what it’s going to be.  Overall, not too shabby for a Microsoft product and it seems to have integration across the field through the Live product suite.

GSpace and GMail Drive Extension
So in reality, this isn’t really Google having any sort of storage offering, yet, but rather a Mozilla FireFox plugin that allows you to use your mailbox like a file cabinet.  It seems to be relatively snappy, nothing crazy fast, but remember that in a way you’re voiding your warranty on your gMail account (user be warned).  Now if you’re interested in something that will integrate with your Windows Explorer interface, I would then recommend you to the GMail Drive shell extension which is useful, but again it’s got its own set of issues and you’re attempting to make your gMail account more than what it was initially set out to be for.

There is some talk however that there will be a Google storage offering coming soon with the ability to pay for additional server space.  The folks over at Google Operating System (unofficial news and tips from Google) have an article from August 9 detailing the cost structuring of Google Services.  Quite interesting if you want to move all your photos over to the Google side of things with Picasa Web and have a storage quota that goes across all of your Google Services (notebook, docs and spreadsheets, reader, mail, etc.) all wrapped up into a single service fee.

S3 from Amazon
The Amazon Simple Storage Service is a pretty sweet service provider that’s snappy, redundant and cheap.  The only problem is that Amazon doesn’t provide an interface to it other than leveraging the web services API that it comes with.  So what’s that mean to the average user?  They’re more than likely never going to step foot on the moon, no wait, they’re never going to use S3 which is tragic.  There are several tools out there that will do everything from synchronize your data folder to and from S3 to just a plain interface through the a Mozilla Firefox Plugin named Amazon S3 Firefox Organizer or S3Fox for short.

It seems to work for the most part and is slick and consolidated and blends in with the interface of Firefox, but doesn’t seem to have the greatest error reporting.  The best part of it however is that it’s free.

Decision point…
So which service are you going to go with for your file storage needs?  Should I even bring up AOL XDrive?  Right now I’m leaning toward leveraging the S3 service, however I have to admit that the SkyDrive interface is pretty nice and allows for a simple permissions model.  Likewise the Google system though it works through your mailbox right now, I’m sure that they’ll deploy something out there soon that is cross platform compatible, fast and cheap as well, just a matter of time.

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Oh the choices for a bag…

Realizing that the subject really isn’t all that descriptive, let me see if I can help to explain what I’m thinking. 🙂

Sooner or later I’m going to be moving to somewhere in the greater Herndon / Reston area to be closer to work and closer to my brother and his family.  Nothing against the Alexandria area, I just don’t fit in – plus it puts me closer by about twenty to thirty minutes to one of my favorite places in the state of Virginia – UVA.

So if I’m moving somewhere, that means that I need furniture, and while my sister-in-law has graciously offered me some of their furniture as they “upgrade” their quarters and what not, I’m thinking that rather than investing a huge amount of money that I’m going to procure a few bean bag chairs.playersac-naked

Bean bag chairs you ask?  Yes.  Bean bag chairs my friends.  There’s nothing quite like having a comfy sack that you can drop yourself into and relax and kick back.  Yeah, I know, not the most conventional of seating arrangements, but since when have I ever been mister conventional?

So now I have the question of do I go with the LoveSac or do I go with the Corda-Roy.  The LoveSac uses durafoam, where as the Corda-Roy (at least to my menial research) leverages your friendly bean like the originals from the days of bead blinds and orange counter tops.  I’m leaning toward a few LoveSac Players – and yes, I realize just how terrible that sounds thanks.  I’m thinking that the Big One is just too big for me for right now.  Granted, I do have to say that the Corda-Roy sacks are pretty snazzy too in that they’re convertible into beds.  How cool is that?

So thoughts oh wise weblog-sphere…

Nigerian Scam Parody

So I know that there are several of you out there that probably are wondering, “What’s Geek going to write about here?”  Well someone had the nerve to write a parody spam letter making fun of the Nigerian e-mail spams that you may receive on a regular basis.

Quite humorous though I don’t know if I really agree with the information that’s presented in it, but nonetheless, still funny 🙂

One Life to Live Revisited

So back on June 20th I penned an article titled, “One Life to Live,” which was just a reflection on life and trials and tribulations that I’d been wading through.

For the past few months, I’ve been working out pretty hard core (up til this past Tuesday) and have made significant leaps in my personal health which has been great – good for me, good for my life, good for my confidence, good for my nephews to have an uncle that can throw them around more easily… I mean uhhhh 🙂

As I mentioned, the future isn’t yet written, and I’ve had time to reflect on several things from friendships, to relationships, to debating whether or not to cross the line, as well as whether or not to go independent at work or join a few friends for a startup.  I’m still wondering where that aspect of my life and career is heading.

What’s the core update in my life?

Right now it’s more just realizing that there are several things I’d like to do, but fear is holding me back.

Where’s the fear stem from? 

Control… I like to be in control – whether it be driving, developing or dancing, I like to be the one that’s running the show, not the placing my trust in someone else’s hands, trusting my heart with someone else – call it self preservation if you will, but it’s the way I work unfortunately (though by the flip side it’s kept me out of a lot of trouble too).  Even core beliefs are sometimes a challenge, trusting that God is in control and that He has plans for my life that are greater than I can esteem to understand – I like my plans because I made them and therefore they’re impeccable right (okay, so maybe not).

So what are my goals for the next few weeks?

Get my health in order – I’ve got a doctor’s appointment on Monday that should hopefully get me in the right direction.

Get my priorities in order – some of it is work related, getting things organized so that stress doesn’t creep up in my life and hit me over the head.

Get my friendships in order – yeah, there are several of you that I haven’t reached out to in a while and I apologize.  Having left and gone to Illinois for six months didn’t help much last year and I fear that if I go back that I’ll have a clean slate when I return next year.

Figure out whether or not the risk is worth taking the plunge.  Yeah, that’s kind of cryptic.  I’ll leave it that way.

Quote of the Day:
I haven’t spoken to my mother-in-law for eighteen months?I don’t like to interrupt her.
–Ken Dodd

Differences between Men & Women

So I won’t by any means say that I’m the master of knowing the difference between men and women, but I can say that my friend Matt sent me a few videos regarding differences in the way that men and women do things that are highly humorous.  Both videos are clean and available from YouTube.

First up… How to Drive: Men vs. Women

Highly humorous in my opinion 🙂

Second up… How to Shower: Men vs. Women

As someone that’s not married I can’t say that I’ve ever said “Woo Woo” 😉

Know of any other humorous videos that show the dynamic nature of the genders?