The Legacy of a Hero

Several times before I have posted something honoring Captain Joshua T. Byers, US Army.  Several of you have read the articles and been left wondering, what the fascination is.

Captain Byers… Josh, he was the likeness of a brother.  He was my brother’s best friend throughout West Point and the years thereafter.  For me, it seemed as though I had been replaced and was jealous at times, though looking back now, I would say that I was stupid to be jealous, but rather to be saddened that I did not get to know him all the better and to hear what made him tick.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the day on which Josh took his last breath.  Today is a tribute to a Hero, to a brother that no longer walks this earth.

I can only say that I shall continue to strive toward what I knew of him, checking my pace count and azimuth in accordance with the Word of God, being sure that I line up.

We miss you Josh.


Bleach – Tired Heart (Astronomy (The Legacy of a Hero))


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