Frustrations with Facebook

So with regard to Facebook, I have two things that frustrate me to no end right now…

1 – Notifications.  Why is it that I receive e-mail notifications sometimes fifteen days later?  Come on now Facebook, get your act together and beef up your SMTP relay with the outside world so as to handle the load as you continue to scale your system.

2 – Blog import.  Facebook apparently is supposed to go out and crawl blogs every few hours to pull the RSS feed, do a quick comparison of the last update timestamp and then pull the new items into the “Notes” section.  At first I had some minor issues as my blog was not RSS compliant and had errors (I blame this on the version of MovableType that I was running but however have since changed route and am using WordPress).  However, since then it has been working “sometimes.”  I’ve had something like five or six blog posts since the last time that it has pulled and posted the newest notes, what’s up with that?  The RSS feed is legitimate according to different online feed validators.  Again I see this as a scalability issue.


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