Would you ever blend an iPhone?

So my good friend Danny down at UVA sent me a link this evening that I read and was like, “Nooooo!”  Granted, I don’t own an iPhone, nor do I intend to procure one until the iPhone has been upgraded to 32 GB of solid state memory and is on the UMTS/HSDPA with a downlink of 14.4 Megabits per second.

Alas, that’s another subject altogether, back to the link at hand… over at TechCrunch there was an article posted on the 10th of July entitled “Will an iPhone Blend“.  Apparently some company known as BlendTec has a blender that can even take on the iPhone and make it into a nice (okay, so maybe not so nice) smoothie of dark plastic.

Nonetheless, check the video out when you get a chance – probably my favorite part is the slow motion section 🙂

Editors – The Weight Of The World (An End Has A Start)


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