One Life to Live…

So I’ve been doing quite a bit of introspection on my life recently, trying to get things in order, trying to bring order to it, trying to give up control of it and trying to do it without having zero personality whatsoever.

So you might be the only person in the world reading this blog and wonder, “What is Dan talking about?  What changes are in store for my friendship with him?  How does this affect me?”

What is Dan talking about…

April 2, 2004, I nearly died.  I know, I’m probably adding hyperbole to the situation, but my car was crushed and I walked away unscathed but shaken up.  Since then, I’ve looked back every year to see what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished; specifically looking for measurable events of growth.  Those measurements have been far and few between.

What changes are in store for my friendship with him?

Good question.  I suppose it depends on who you are.  If you’re a tight friend of Dan’s, then more than likely he’ll actually start opening up to you more and more – realizing that the shield that he has held tight to his heart these 28 years that he’s been here needs to be loosened to those that are close, those that are loved, those that are deep enough to dream with him.  For those of you that know Dan as an acquaintance, that sharp guy that knows a lot about Microsoft Infrastructure, and Physics, and well, a lot of things… you might not see many changes, you’ll just have the happy go lucky Dan that you’re used to seeing (or at least hopefully happier :)).  For those that don’t know Dan at all, well I guess things won’t change at all.

How does this affect me?

Again, great question.  I think it’s more or less answered above though 🙂  Though seriously it means that there is going to be pain in friendships that Dan puts there to test those friendships, to see what their purpose is and maybe spur things in ways not currently explored.

Where’s all this going?

Good question.  The future isn’t written.  Sure there’s physics which predicts the coordinates, velocities and accelerations of bodies within space – decent predictor of the future.  I’m changing that future right now – reversing things that should never have been, returning life to an unstable equilibrium of adventure.

It’s time to take some risks… we only have one life to live and to give.


One thought on “One Life to Live…

  1. i like this post 🙂 though my first thought wasn’t “how is this going to affect me?” — despite the selfishness of the 20-somethings 😉

    maybe that’s the best part of being a selfish 20-something…you get to come out of it, and hopefully better for it with lessons learned, dreams to dream and act upon, and friends who stuck by you throughout the entire process.

    your first sentence was absolutely perfect. i felt myself nodding along (for my current situation). last sentence is fabulous too.

    glad you’re still with us 🙂 God wanted/wants it that way!

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