For those of you that are wondering what exactly RRLRLR is, it’s an inverted double paradiddle, right hand lead. For those of you that are wondering what I just said, that’s fine, I would expect that considering I don’t think that the paradiddle is something that every American is intimately familiar with the way that rudimentally trained percussionists are.

So why the inverted double paradiddle? This weekend I decided it was time to break out my REELFEEL and a pair of sticks and brush my chops up (translation: I got my practice pad out, a pair of drum sticks and worked on regaining speed, agility and endurance doing rudiments). Needless to say, I popped some ear plugs in to reduce the echo of the room and played for about two hours straight on Saturday afternoon, working through the 26 standard rudiments and some non-standard ones that I just felt like doing, playing through cadences from my marching band days and working a few new ones based on some hip hop beats from music I’ve been listening to recently.

When it was all said and done, I was left with a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of stress reduction and some sore forearms from all the diddles (that’s where you play two or more strokes in a single bounce for things like the paradiddle, flamadiddle, cheeses, etc.).

So what’s this mean? I pity my neighbors when I crank up a Yamaha Sforzando marching snare… or maybe some tenor action…


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