Finding better days…

Many days of my life I begin to wonder whether or not I’m in the right spot. I’ve got a great job, work with rockin’ solid people, but I just wonder, is this what God has planned for my life.

I look at friends that are on other continents, spreading the Gospel, and others that are on other continents working with the people of the land, helping them to live life a little bit better or optimally. I look at my own life and I see someone that works incredibly hard, but at what point is hard enough? At what point do I step back and say, “That’s an honest day’s work?” Or am I cheating the Protestant work ethic by thinking such things?

Where do I turn? Where do I go? I can only have one thing in this world, that being the Lord. I see very much how Peter, Paul and others in the early church felt, their friends not knowing Him, their neighbors not assuring or edifying them, walking forward but alone…

Where do we find these better days? Run forth to the Lord, in all Your ways and your joy will be made complete… Those are the better days I seek, make way the path Lord… take me where You would have me go.


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