AT&T – What are you thinking?

So this morning as I was reading, a story caught my eye titled AT&T Offers Unlimited Wireless-to-Home Calling.  Now, reading through the article, apparently they (AT&T) are unveiling a new plan for consumers with a landline bill greater than $50 and a cell phone plan (through AT&T – formerly Cingular, formerly AT&T ;)) greater than $59.99 to make unlimited calls from their cellphone to their homephone.

I have to say that I’m not quite sure I understand the logic here.  I mean, sure there are those folks that are constantly calling their spouse, but if they then made it free to call from their cell to their landline, doesn’t that mean that you may not need as many minutes on that $59.99 cell plan to afford the time that you’re talking to your spouse at home?  Wouldn’t that then make you rethink why you have a cell phone with so many minutes?  I guess maybe I’m just not understanding the logic behind this one…


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