Telecommuting, Face Time, and what really matters…

Apparently, a recent study confirmed common sense – telecommuters don’t get to see their bosses face to face and therefore have less credibility and are less likely to advance in their careers. I’m pretty sure that the notion of face time is something basic that goes across the board. Having facetime with someone will obviously increase credibility, trust and integrity.

Something in the article did make me smile though, 48% of those interviewed would honestly consider taking a position where they could work from home. Now, either we have a lot of slackers that don’t want to be able to be held responsible or that people are really more interested in being available to their family – something that our country has been lacking, parents having face time with their kids.

Now, all being said, I do have to admit that I too enjoy working from home on occassion where I can blast some Yo-Yo Ma and sip on hot tea and lean back in my comfy chair and cut out all the distractions that I might usually have in the office.

Bottom line though, get your face time in… show that you truly do care about what you do and show your insightful nature.

’nuff said


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