Get in line… it’s a commerative item you can’t miss out on…

So apparently there are a limited number of Windows Vista Ultimate boxes out there that have none other than Bill Gates signature on them.  Can we just say that’s outrageous?


AT&T – What are you thinking?

So this morning as I was reading, a story caught my eye titled AT&T Offers Unlimited Wireless-to-Home Calling.  Now, reading through the article, apparently they (AT&T) are unveiling a new plan for consumers with a landline bill greater than $50 and a cell phone plan (through AT&T – formerly Cingular, formerly AT&T ;)) greater than $59.99 to make unlimited calls from their cellphone to their homephone.

I have to say that I’m not quite sure I understand the logic here.  I mean, sure there are those folks that are constantly calling their spouse, but if they then made it free to call from their cell to their landline, doesn’t that mean that you may not need as many minutes on that $59.99 cell plan to afford the time that you’re talking to your spouse at home?  Wouldn’t that then make you rethink why you have a cell phone with so many minutes?  I guess maybe I’m just not understanding the logic behind this one…

Telecommuting, Face Time, and what really matters…

Apparently, a recent study confirmed common sense – telecommuters don’t get to see their bosses face to face and therefore have less credibility and are less likely to advance in their careers. I’m pretty sure that the notion of face time is something basic that goes across the board. Having facetime with someone will obviously increase credibility, trust and integrity.

Something in the article did make me smile though, 48% of those interviewed would honestly consider taking a position where they could work from home. Now, either we have a lot of slackers that don’t want to be able to be held responsible or that people are really more interested in being available to their family – something that our country has been lacking, parents having face time with their kids.

Now, all being said, I do have to admit that I too enjoy working from home on occassion where I can blast some Yo-Yo Ma and sip on hot tea and lean back in my comfy chair and cut out all the distractions that I might usually have in the office.

Bottom line though, get your face time in… show that you truly do care about what you do and show your insightful nature.

’nuff said

Parking Habits

I do have to admit that even I fall prey to parking in a manner that is less worthy than a thank you from others that are sharing the communal parking lot of shops and businesses, however after having someone park next to me at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA less than a foot from the driver’s side door of my car, I have tried to be more cautious as to where I park, as well as to friendlier to others 🙂

This site though definitely sums up my thoughts –

Check out some of the photos and check out the discovery book so that you can more clearly identify when someone is parking like an inconsiderate jerk.

Who really owns iPhone?

According to a blog posting published on ZD net, Cisco may not in fact really own the iPhone name that they claim to. Definitely should be an interesting court case. If anything I’m surprised that NTP, Inc. hasn’t jumped on Yahoo!‘s back for their “push” e-mail system that they’re going to deploy with the iPhone.

So the real question is what is it that we can expect to see in the next six months before the Apple iPhone deploys to market. Stay tuned (not zuned) 🙂

Broadcasting loud and clear…

So I do have to say that I think technology is truly amazing.  Why you ask?  Quite simply because for $80 I was able to buy Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 with a GPS locator.  Simply amazing.

Broadcasting this out from:  38.80529 degrees North and 77.16328 degrees West.  Apparently with an elevation of about 300 feet from sea level, being tracked by 8 satellites.