Blogging with Word 2007 Beta 2 TR

So after the long wait, Microsoft Office Beta 2 Technical Refresh (TR) was finally released on Thursday, though with not quite the fanfare that I expected it to be released with. A week earlier it was released to Microsoft staff (according to blog postings) and so it was inevitable that it would be released to the public shortly there after. Nonetheless, I’m quite pleased with a lot of the bug fixes (though I’ve yet to confirm all 6400 of them ;)), the polished UI among other things and the fact that the crash rate has decreased ten fold (primarily thinking of PowerPoint when opening up files from a SharePoint site) or the flickering refresh issue I was having with InfoPath.

All in all, I’m a happy little kid with this upgrade 🙂 Fortunately it looks like it expires on May 15, 2007 which gives me ample time to procure the software once it actually comes out on market. So far as Kramer would say, “I’m lovin’ every second of it!”


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