And then it just got worse

So there are days when my brain is mush and I wander aimlessly the web searching for random information. A waste of time by all means but at least there are those gems of information that make you chuckle from time to time. The subjectively put together 25 Worst Web Sites is quite interesting, though I must agree that the Number 1 worst web site truly is just that. Check it out for yourself sometime.,127116-page,8-c,sites/article.html#


2 thoughts on “And then it just got worse

  1. I must agree that the number 1 worst site is just that… that’s why I like Facebook much, much more. It appeals to my sense of attractive functionality which, I think, comes from my being a developer obsessed with UI.

  2. Ok if you’re going to use a picture of your chest at least make it reognizable. Granted this is only a site women shoudl like. Greg stop looking at it, you’ll hurt your eyes.

    So Greg, things are supposed to function in life? Man i missed that memo again…soooo blonde…

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