If you’re interested in seeing Snakes on a Plane, perhaps you should check out a far cooler movie in which John Travolta actually has a role that is somewhat decent (or at least I thought it was…especially after seeing the General’s Daughter).

Nonetheless, check out the movie Basic starring Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. It suffers from some foul language, but over all is definitely a movie that makes you sit down and think about the plot… or maybe I’m just simple minded.

Alas, decent movie to check out if you get a chance.


Things I’ll miss about Illinois

So it’s been an interesting three months here in Illinois. And surprisingly I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss the wide open sky. I’m going to miss the cordial people and the home feeling that you get when you step into a restaurant or really any place. I’m going to miss the Chevy’s that Chris and I went to so often.

Then there’s the air conditioning system that mysteriously knew when you got home at Candlewood (okay, so it was just a little electronic eye). And the Qdoba that I started going to all the time. And oh yeah, Hardees, what will I do without Hardees?

I’ll be back some day… some day…

What to do with my room while I’m gone…

A few people have wondered that during my time away in Illinois what I plan to do with the space in my room that I’m currently not inhabiting but still paying full rent for.

My original plan was to have my friend Greg of occupy the space and keep the wireless up. Yet he quickly found that inhabiting such a space is quite costly.

So my next thought is to put a few of these in my room, wire up with a businss line from FIOS and start my own X-Drive like service. That way I at least cover the rent of my room through service providing and keep the room nice and warm during the winter months (*cough*).