Living in a Disaster Area

So apparently I’m living in a disaster area out here in Illinois (St. Clair County) thanks to two powerful storms that pushed through in a period of 72 hours. Wednesday night a storm pushed down from Minneapolis through the eastern suburbs of Illinois – a tornado touched down south of I-64 according to many accounts. Needless to say it was some of the most awe inspiring lightning that I have ever seen (different than anything I’ve ever seen before – Hawaii, Germany, Colorado, Atlanta, Florida…)

So then this morning around 10:45 I left one office and headed over to another to meet up with a colleague. At 11 AM the wind suddenly picked up with sustained wind gusts of 60-80 miles per hour. The tornado sirens roared once more to the west and the north as a tornado touched down and pushed through the county just to the north of us.

Right now? We’re just under a boil water order from the local government, water is at a premium, as is gas and in some cases electricity – some 520,000 customers are without power this evening.

For more information, check out the local station’s news story and some of the pictures as well – wild.


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