The Secret Society

I recently discovered that the artist for the cartoon Dilbert actually has a blog. I suppose I should have known better than to not realize that he didn’t have one – heck even Dave Barry has one. So anyway, Scott Adams’ blog resides over at Quite the comedian I must say.

Nonetheless, I happened upon this recent posting regarding the “Secret Society” and definitely had to sit there, read and laugh at the audacity of Scott as well as the sad truths that he brings forth.

I do have to say that though I know he wrote it to poke fun at the current administration and congress that there is something to be said about the moral fiber of the country. By having representatives actually working to set a foundational moral fiber that we can live within the confines of we are at least guaranteed that we have a basis to live our lives within that is somewhat honoring to those that came before us.

Now, back to the article though, I do have to say that it’s hilarious! But I just thought I’d interject with that little tidbit of personal thought. Maybe sometime I too can be elected into the society as an apprentice puppetmaster…

[Listening to: Already Over – End of Silence – Red (4:24)]

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