Zapping your hard drive quick and easy… at only 125 pounds…

Dark Reading – Host security – Researchers Find Technique to Quickly Erase Hard Drives – Security

If you’ve ever been worried about someone snooping your data perhaps after you turn your work laptop into your employer when you leave, you might want to consider using something like Jetico’s BCWipe. It’s a program that essentially writes 1’s and 0’s all over your harddisk, making the data unretrievable without some super pricey equipment. Additionally it usually can take up to a day to wipe say a 100 GB harddrive (yes, even a 7200 rpm drive will take a while).
So sure, that’s fine if you’ve got a couple of days to plan things and you need to make sure that your drive is wiped before you leave, but what about those instances where you just need to wipe something immediately? Well, it would seem that the US Government is investigating doing something about this. Many times there is a need for the immediate disposal of media, and using something like the aforementioned software just doesn’t cut it. Enter the media disposal system reference in the aforementioned article. Holy smokes that’s sweet. But my curiousity is why not just use a good ole fashioned microwave? I mean, when I was in college, I used a microwave to destroy CDs from time to time and they were more or less unreadable. However, by no means do I suggest this, as it is hazardous to both your health and a fire safety issue.The only caveat to the story is that the device weighs a whopping 125 pounds. Granted it mentions that they’re working on putting together something that is a little more transportable, but for the time being it would seem that’s a little out of the question.


One thought on “Zapping your hard drive quick and easy… at only 125 pounds…

  1. My question is what did the thermite not destroy? If thermite can burn through an engine block, but data is still recoverable from a hard drive that’s been exposed to it, how much thermite were they really using?

    In short, thermite is the data eraser’s tool of choice, get enough of it going and you can destroy the whole computer along with the hard drive.

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