Comcast catching up with Verizon…

Comcast rolls out Motorola SBV5220 cable modem with battery backup – Engadget

So I have to say that I’m mildly amused by the fact that Comcast finally realized that they needed to provide a battery backup of some sort for the media delivery system. Notice, I’m not calling this a cable modem even though Engagdet seems to call it that. Considering that all forms of media – internet, television and telephony – are delivered through their “cable modem” I find it interesting that they’re including their “modem” with battery backup. Probably the most critical reason to do this is obviously so that if the power goes out and there’s an emergency you’re able to dial the proper authorities. Verizon of course put this in from the get go, making it external the modem itself.

So yeah, Comcast, you’re behind still oh and your speed isn’t too peppy…


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