Viva St. Louis

Well folks, I got a phone call last Friday to inform me that the company for which I am gainfully employed by and love working for is sending me to St. Louis. Not just for a few days or weeks, but for a few months. So, if you swing through St. Louis, give me a call and we can go grab dinner some time. If you swing through Northern Virginia, ummm, well, right, I guess you can swing by the house, but only Dave, Dustin and Matt (through mid-July for him) will be there.
So how soon is this? I leave on Wednesday, May 31 and will be enduring a 12 hour drive. Shouldn’t be too bad, reminds me of my drives to good ole Jacksonville, FL (note to self, don’t leave past 4 PM…).
Maybe we can have a little shindig party when I get back in the late August / early September time frame.


One thought on “Viva St. Louis

  1. I think it’ll take longer than 12 hours… It’s 13 hours for Julie and I to get to Champaign, IL, and another 4 hours to St. Louis. Yes, I-70 is more direct than I-74 through Champaign, but I don’t think it involves any worm holes 🙂

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