Viva St. Louis

Well folks, I got a phone call last Friday to inform me that the company for which I am gainfully employed by and love working for is sending me to St. Louis. Not just for a few days or weeks, but for a few months. So, if you swing through St. Louis, give me a call and we can go grab dinner some time. If you swing through Northern Virginia, ummm, well, right, I guess you can swing by the house, but only Dave, Dustin and Matt (through mid-July for him) will be there.
So how soon is this? I leave on Wednesday, May 31 and will be enduring a 12 hour drive. Shouldn’t be too bad, reminds me of my drives to good ole Jacksonville, FL (note to self, don’t leave past 4 PM…).
Maybe we can have a little shindig party when I get back in the late August / early September time frame.


Studying like a bat outta…

Recently I’ve picked up the ball and started studying my butt off for a few of the exams that are a part of the MCSE. I suppose you could say that I realized a while back that in my studies of networks that studying the Microsoft systems architecture would be something that’s actually marketable in todays world economy 🙂 Wish me luck eh?

[Listening to: We’re not gonna take it anymore – Twisted Sister]

Interesting Music…

So the other day I was in the office (yes, I do have a job thanks :-P) and I asked a colleague whom I respect as to what music groups he enjoyed, basically searching for something new to keep me bouncin’ when I’m working through code development or reading (yes, I know how to read, funny…).
So his suggestion was The Crystal Method. And you know what I have to say that I’m liking it. With the use of good ole Yahoo Music Engine ($5 a month, can you beat it?) I’ve been listening to their Vegas album a little bit and enjoying the ebb and flow of the electrical music and beat. What of course was funny was when someone asked me what I’d been doing all day and I said, “Crystal Method” they looked at me and did a double take as I quickly explained that I meant, “The Crystal Method“. My personal opinion just so that it be known as that drugs are definitely something that you don’t want to get involved in and I personally will never touch them. It’s sad to read about the effects that drugs have on lives, relationships and families.
Anyway, just thought I’d give you the ins of what I’ve been listening to. If you like Moby, apt.core or something similiar then you’re likely to enjoy them as well.

[Listening to: Jaded – The Crystal Method – Vegas (7:05)]