Why would you ever use MovieLink?

So apparently Movielink (not giving you a link evil ML people) are offering some movies for download. Now don’t get me wrong, but there’s just something that seems dirty about this. The fact that a) it only works on Windows computers and b) you can’t burn it to a DVD to watch on your regular DVD player really just makes me cringe.
You could argue that the same is true of iTunes and the iPod, but I would argue that at least iTunes gives you the option to burn CDs and also you’re not locked into a single operating system, and additionally you can play media on the iPod other than just ac3 files that you purchase from the iTunes music store.
For a review of how pathetic MovieLink’s service is, check out JoBlo.com for his review of MovieLink’s movie download service.
Something else to consider, for $20 you get a single movie that you can only watch on your PC (or if you have the equipment you can hook it up to your TV but really…) where as with NetFlix for $18 a month you can get in theory up to 20 movies a month if you cycle through three movies constantly (i.e. day 1 watch movie A and mail movie A, day 2 watch movie B mail movie B, day 3 watch movie C mail movie C receive status that movie A received and movie A’ mailed).


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