Hammerhead, the CD Thrower

So there are a few of us at work that are simply enthralled by all things Lego. We might be discussing how to pass variables more elegantly from ASP.NET applications to PHP based scripts to Python or perhaps arguing over the merits of different database systems and why one is better than the other when one of us comes across a Lego creation that is crazy ridiculous and yet so cool.
So here’s the newest creation that is crazy ridiculous… I want to make one 😉 I might even set it up outside as a security system.
Hammerhead, the CD thrower
You might look at this guy and say, “Uhhh, what’s it do?” I look at it and say, well, it’s basically the equivalent of a pitching machine that slings balls at you while you’re in the batting cage, but better 🙂


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