Getting your PERM on…

So over at the SWING group, a part of the Computer Science department at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, there’s a group working on a project known as PERMPractical End-host collaborative Residential Multihoming framework.
Yes, not your usual perm, not the kind that you wear in your hair, unless of course you’ve got an 802.11 network router interweaved in your french braid.
So what does this mean? How is this useful? Well, in some cases if you’re good friends with your neighbors, it allows you to truly maximize the bandwidth that you have and extend the range of your wireless device that you use to connect while at home. And for those of you that don’t know your neighbors well, but you can see that they’re one of the 30 wireless networks nearby, you are essentially extending the hand of friendship, getting to know your neighbors maybe and exchanging WEP/WPA keys and getting your groove on with this PERM.
What do you mean there are multiple networks in your neighborhood? Well in the case of the northern Virginia neighborhood that I reside in, there are approximately 30 802.11b/g networks that I can pick up, though I’m pretty confident that we’re the only 802.11a network in the neighborhood.
So what’s the point? Check out the PERM project, test it out, play with it, extend your mobility and really get the best bandwidth for your buck. Sure it probably invalidates all of the internet providers terms of service that you signed when you started your service with the company, but hey it couldn’t hurt to try it out as a scientific experiment right?

[Listening to: – Houston Astros at Cincinnati Reds, bottom of the 2nd inning]

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