How do you usually sleep?

So apparently according to a recent study, the way that you sleep is an indicator of your personality type. What type are you? Check this article out to find out. As for me, I’m a twist between the Yearner, the Soldier and the Freefaller.


One thought on “How do you usually sleep?

  1. sounds like you just like to roll around in your sleep with that combination 😉

    i totally sleep on my side in the fetal position, usually on my left side, although my body has grown weary of that, so i switch to my right side if i’ve been on my left for a while and i still haven’t fallen asleep. if those 2 don’t work, i’ll venture to my back, but with my back problems, sleeping on my side works best, and lying on my back or, as a last resort, my stomach is rare indeed.

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