How do you usually sleep?

So apparently according to a recent study, the way that you sleep is an indicator of your personality type. What type are you? Check this article out to find out. As for me, I’m a twist between the Yearner, the Soldier and the Freefaller.


Instant Messaging and Open Source

…what’s it mean to you?
Today AOL has released their AIM SDK as reported here.
So what’s this mean to you? More or less that other products, gAIM, Trillian, et cetera, will have better support to connect to the AIM Oscar network. However, it could mean the beginning of useless plugins for AIM as well. What are your thoughts?

Drive Home, March 1, 2006

Well, I actually left work early today… in other words at 6 PM. I know that by most standards that’s pretty early, but when you’re showing up at quarter of eight it turns into a long day. Nonetheless, the sun continues to set later and later, summer is just around the corner.