Looking for a new ride?

If you’ve recently gone and bought a new car, say an SUV or a gas guzzler of some sort, I think you might be feeling the pain in the wallet or purse perhaps. I know that with the recent aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, gas prices rocketed upwards overnight due to the lack of oil refining capacity that our country lacked. People started taking public transportation in the Northern Virginia area hoping to save a buck or two.
Now, it would seem that Loremo AG will be introducing an ultra efficient car that runs on a two cylinder turbo charged diesel engine. Get this though, it has an approximate 157 mile per gallon fuel to gas ratio. Granted, I’m confident that this will be lower for city drivers, it’s quite impressive.
Things to think about though, how would this car handle in an accident? Probably not so well considering that it’s entire weight is a mere 990 pounds, though apparently it still has room for four and hey, they tout the fact that they’ve designed the car to be more focused on safety and efficiency rather than “unnecessary functions”.


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