Crazy Taco Bell Automated Ordering

For those of you that don’t remember the days when credit cards weren’t accepted at McDonalds, or when coffee shops weren’t franchised by Starbucks or Caribou, this probably won’t come as a big surprise to you… Automated Ordering at Taco Bell and KFC stores.
Yes, apparently there are a few hybrid stores opening up here and there in the United States as the computer overlords look to put more people out of work.
This begs to ask the question if employees will be put out on welfare or if the Taco Bell workers of the country will stand up and form a union, then barter with Taco Bell’s mother (Pepsi) to create a program like that of GM’s Job Bank program that pays workers not to work, so as to protect workers from layoffs (if that makes any sense… if not, click here for more on GM’s Job Bank program).

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Taco Bell Automated Ordering

  1. My guess is they’ll slowly integrate them into each store, slowly replacing real people.

    I can understand that it’s nice to have real people in a grocery store who can type up what kind of vegetables are in that bag they just weighed much faster than I, and can hand the groceries off to a bag boy to fill the bag better and faster than I. So, the automated checkout lines are really only useful for express customers.

    With fast food, however, there’s no real value in having a real person to take your order. Especially when either party may not speak English. There’s also a slimmer chance that they get your order wrong. Especially at Taco Bell where you have to order 2 chalupas, what kind of toppings on each, which kind of taco you want, what kind of sauce you want, and what kind of drink you want. I’m always annoyed when I have to explain all that to the cashier.

    Hopefully the computers won’t be bogged down by slow users.

    As for the job bank, that’s exactly why GM is going bankrupt.

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